Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer 2017

45 days... that is the number of days since Summer vacation began and since Maman and I have spent nearly every minute of it together... except for the occasional 1 hour here and there when she goes to Adapt and I go fencing.

The first week went fast as we slowed down our schedules and prepared for our trip to France: me, reading, building with legos and playing Minecraft while Maman cleaned the house and prepared the suitcases. What can I say, it's my definition of team work!

We then flew to Brittany and of course, after 6 months of depressing weather here, when temperatures were finally being perfect and the skies blue, we arrived at our destination where it was quite cool and rainy... Luckily, we got a few good days in the mix.

We started our journey in the north of Brittany. And the images on the video will tell a better story than my words. I am starting to be better at walking long distances but the Ps better not push it too much or at least keep putting something exciting at the end of the line if they want me to not say
"Are we there yet?"  It's actually quite amazing the amount of energy I find in me when they say " We are on our way back."

Then if was off to the South of Brittany. We first visited with Maman's brother& family and had fun at the farm. and got to eat DELICIOUS crepes! Miam!

Then we headed even more south. Papa and I had never been and even Maman (re)discovered some amazing spots. I am telling you, those waves on the Atlantic Ocean can be quite something.

It was so much fun being tossed around: all the beaches on the side we stayed at said that swimming is dangerous and forbidden and yet the Ocean is full of people. Papa and Maman were keeping a watchful eye on me of course...

Back home and we just enjoyed being around, went for hikes, bike rides, fun at the beach and we of course took the time to celebrate my birthday!

I am 10 you guys, my first 2 digit number! I bet that what I like has not changed much since last year: - reading ( still a non stop hobby of mine... it was really hard when for a few days in France I did not have any more new books to read!)
- making up stories and talking non stop ( the Ps tend to call my talks monologues since it seems like I am often the only one " listening")
- screen time ( still limited by the Ps... sighhhhh)
- building with legos
- fencing
- eating ice-cream

Those are the 5 top things I do without being encouraged...
The rest, well, it takes a little bit of coaxing but once I am outdoor, I do enjoy my bike, scooter and my feet for walking and exploring. I also love to eat and I am getting better at coming up with ideas and actually making them happen. I know make my sunny side up egg on my own for breakfast and this, below, is a video of me making a pizza from A to Z. I yelled for help from time to time but was proud of my end result...

My list of " what I want for my 10th birthday" started the day after my 9th birthday. Since I am still reluctant to write, it was a list I kept in my head. Except, it kept changing and the Ps think that I came up with over 100 ideas in one year. In the end, they were not too hot with what I wanted but they suggested a fish and YEAH! Cool! Love the idea!
So to the fish store we went with Maman to learn about what, how, which type and then I got to choose all the parts and put them together. I originally wanted a cat but it will probably not happen: it is much harder to hug a fish though...

VoilĂ . The upcoming two weeks, I will be attending different camps and Maman can have time for herself... She is probably going to work: she cannot help it.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Emerging from our wet Winter

Nearly 3 months without an entry: we were hibernating. Actually, it would have been nicer to hibernate because this weather has not been the cheeriest. Let's say that we have made a good use of our winter coats and water proof shoes.

We have not been exploring much except for one time in February where Papa and I went snowshoeing. We were lucky that it was the only week-end with decent weather.

Since then, well, Maman has also been playing either "Driving Sir Noah" or "Hosting Sir Noah's friends." It seems like it has been a non-stop week-end playdate, sleepovers and birthday parties or just parties. Hey, I don't mind. I am the party guy! I also had a break in February and spent 2 days at the coast with my friend Juliette while Mom stayed home and worked.

Somehow, there are not many pictures of all those adventures: 1, because the camera did not come out and 2, because I only make faces when in front of a camera nowadays. Two of my best examples below:

My teacher is now using a digital portfolio called Seesaw: he began after Maman made a presentation about the tool to all the teachers. It allows him to take pictures or videos and post them directly to my personal journal . It is also automatically sent to the Parents... like they needed to ask me more questions about school!
Anyway, the quality of the videos are poor but Maman made a little compilation of the last 3 ones. The video quality is not good, but it's a good souvenir! It's in French and it shows that I can somehow keep my weirdness in check when I am at school. Barely... but I can.

So Spring is slowly showing its colors around here and it means back to the garden we go. Well, back to the garden the Parents go. I can handle only so much outdoor. That is why Papa decided to donate our play structure: a young couple with 3 boys age 5 months to 3.5 years old will get to enjoy it now. In its place, I guess we will have more grass: Papa was not convinced about the idea of having a trampoline.

Talking about the yard, for Maman's work on Cycles in her classroom, Papa had installed a camera that takes a picture of our backyard every day. He made a timelapse with one year's worth of pictures and it shows all the crazy snow days we got this past Winter.

So, here it is. End of hibernation. Spring, here we come!

Friday, January 13, 2017

How to miss 8 days of school without being sick...

It all started in December...

December 7: snow began falling during the night.

December 8: school is closed... Day 1
December 9: school is closed again... Day 2

I shovel the drive way and I guess it is the end of the roses this time:

December 14: it started to snow in the afternoon; at 2:00 pm the ENTIRE town gets the call to get the kids from school: 1 million people on the road at the same time. As Maman was ready to leave with me and my friends, she realized that she had a flat tire. Fun times! It was 5:00 pm when we finally left the school and 8:00 pm when we made it home. Yup. 3 hours at 2.5 miles per hour since every body and their neighbor was on the road.

December 14: School closed, again. Time to make a snowman!

December 16: school closed, again - Ice on the road - Day 4

January 8: It snowed, again... and then it rained and it was time for some thick ice...
January 9: Ice... School is closed, again. Day 5

January 10: Late afternoon, it began snowing, again. But this time it did not stop: all night: 8 inches.

January 11: Buried in snow, entire town closed - Day 6

January 12: Temperatures still in the 20s: no melting: school is closed, again - Day 7
Blue skies but still quite cold; we head outside to admire the beautiful scenery. And, check out the snow baby I made inside the swing at the park. Cute or what?

January 13: No melting. School is closed, again- Day 8

There you have it. 8 days! And this week-end is a long week-end since it's Martin Luther King's day on Monday. Oh boy, our brains are turning to mush... Although teachers were nice enough ( not) to send homework during the last 3 days...

Hopefully we get back to normal soon.