Friday, January 13, 2017

How to miss 8 days of school without being sick...

It all started in December...

December 7: snow began falling during the night.

December 8: school is closed... Day 1
December 9: school is closed again... Day 2

I shovel the drive way and I guess it is the end of the roses this time:

December 14: it started to snow in the afternoon; at 2:00 pm the ENTIRE town gets the call to get the kids from school: 1 million people on the road at the same time. As Maman was ready to leave with me and my friends, she realized that she had a flat tire. Fun times! It was 5:00 pm when we finally left the school and 8:00 pm when we made it home. Yup. 3 hours at 2.5 miles per hour since every body and their neighbor was on the road.

December 14: School closed, again. Time to make a snowman!

December 16: school closed, again - Ice on the road - Day 4

January 8: It snowed, again... and then it rained and it was time for some thick ice...
January 9: Ice... School is closed, again. Day 5

January 10: Late afternoon, it began snowing, again. But this time it did not stop: all night: 8 inches.

January 11: Buried in snow, entire town closed - Day 6

January 12: Temperatures still in the 20s: no melting: school is closed, again - Day 7
Blue skies but still quite cold; we head outside to admire the beautiful scenery. And, check out the snow baby I made inside the swing at the park. Cute or what?

January 13: No melting. School is closed, again- Day 8

There you have it. 8 days! And this week-end is a long week-end since it's Martin Luther King's day on Monday. Oh boy, our brains are turning to mush... Although teachers were nice enough ( not) to send homework during the last 3 days...

Hopefully we get back to normal soon.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Goodbye 2016

We looped around one more time... The Earth keeps doing its job as is the Sun and while I am not too sure about what the Humans inhabiting this planet are intending to do in the coming loops, let's hope that most have a reasonable and respectful goal in mind...

In the meantime, we celebrated with family and I, King Noah, resolve to have even more screen time for the year to come; that is, if I can bend the drastic rules of the realm I am stuck in. Sure I am buried under Legos, have enough books to fill a mini neighborhood library, have tons of fun board games and construction material but, just like people need coffee to start their day, I need screen time. Luckily, with the Wii, I have been able to get a little bit more time under the cover of the fact that this counts as "exercise"! Ha! See for yourself!

My cousin and her Dad enjoyed it too and the TV room was quite popular during the festive week-end.

We of course enjoyed great meals... 

And soon enough, it was time to celebrate the end of the loop! We donned our party hats and had appetizer galore!

Maman even came up with a little game for us: a straw each, bowl of M&Ms, dice ad here we go: who can get the most M&M's in their bowl before somebody rolls a double! That was quite fun! Although I say that it is unfair that adults were playing too since they have more lungs capacity than I do. Sure, in the end, they shared their loot... maybe because I whined a little. 

But there was no more whining when it came time to eat the pizzas that Papa had made. Yum! And yes, even though we ate ALL the appetizers, we still ate those 2 entire pizzas!

I had decided that I would wait to see midnight. We watched a movie and after every body but me actually snoozed a little on coaches and chairs, the ball dropped.

Happy New Year to all!
( Yep, I look like I could use some sleep and I did: slept until 11:00am!)